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On the Energy Efficiency of Computation Engines

Tuesday February 17, 2004
Hamerschlag Hall D-210
4:00 pm

Mihai Budiu
Carnegie Mellon University

In this talk I will examine five different computational models from the point of view of energy and power efficiency: general-purpose microprocessors, DSP chips, dedicated hardware devices, asynchronous processors and compiler-generated application-specific hardware.

Mihai is currently a postdoc in the CS Department at CMU. He has recently defended his Ph.D. thesis on "Spatial Computation". His research is focused on compiler-generated computer architectures (i.e., application-specific hardware). In a prior life Mihai wrote the DIL compiler of the CMU PipeRench reconfigurable project, which produced a complete CAD suite and a silicon implementation of the only known virtualizable hardware device.


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