CALCM Seminars

The CALCM seminar series is a weekly meeting of faculty and students with broad interests in Computer Architecture, and is open to all. The seminar is an excellent medium for CALCM students/faculty to present their recent research results and/or practice conference presentations, for students to polish their presentation skills and present external results from recent conferences, and for outside speakers to tell us about their work.

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When / Where?

Usually every Wed 4:00-5:00 PM in CIC Panther Hollow (Fall 2014), unless otherwise noted.

If you are interested in giving a CALCM talk or have general questions, please contact the seminar organizer: Vivek Seshadri (

Spring 2015 Seminar Schedule

Date Title Speaker Location & Time Material
January 13th Taming Relaxed Memory Consistency and Non-determinism in Parallel Systems Xuehai Qian (University of California Berkeley) CIC Panther Hollow, 4:30PM-5:30PM
February 5th Practical Data Value Speculation for Future High-End Processors Arthur Perais (INRIA, France) CIC Panther Hollow, 4:30PM-5:30PM
February 6th Synthesis with Higher Abstractions for Effort-Less FPGA Programming Zhiru Zhang (Cornell University) CIC Panther Hollow, 11:30AM-12:30PM
February 25th Let's Talk About Non-Volatile Memory Database Systems Joy Arulraj (CMU) CIC Panther Hollow, 4:00PM-5:00PM
March 2nd Solving the DRAM Scaling Challenge: Rethinking the Interface ... Samira Khan (CMU) CIC Hot Metal, 11:00AM-1:00PM
March 4th Runnemede: An Architecture for Ubiquitous High-Performance Computing Nick Carter (Intel) CIC Panther Hollow, 4:00PM-5:00PM
March 18th Coming to Terms with the End of DRAM Scaling Yoongu Kim (CMU) CIC Panther Hollow, 4:00PM-5:00PM
March 25th Data Retention in MLC NAND Flash Memory: Characterization, Optimization and Recovery Yixin Luo (CMU) CIC Panther Hollow, 4:00PM-5:00PM
April 3rd Architecting 3D Memory Systems Moinuddin Qureshi (Goergia Tech) GHC 8102, 11:00AM-12:00PM
April 7th Accelerating Data-Intensive Applications with Latency-Tolerant Distributed Shared Memory Jacob Nelson (UWash) CIC Pather Hollow, 4:30PM-5:30PM
April 29th Cooperative Memory Systems Saugata Ghose (CMU) CIC Pather Hollow, 4:00PM-5:00PM


Past CALCM Seminars

See a listing of Past Semester Seminars

CALCM Best Student Presentation Award

CALCM Seminar Czars

  • Vivek Seshadri; S15; Mowry
  • Berkin Akin; F14; Franchetti/Hoe
  • Kevin Chang and Rachata Ausavarungnirun; S14; Mutlu
  • Gabe Weisz; F13; Hoe
  • Gennady Pekhimenko; S13; Mowry
  • Da-Cheng Juan; F12; Marculescu
  • HanBin Yoon and Hongyi Xin; S12; Mutlu
  • Michael Papamichael; F11; Hoe
  • Weinan Ma; S11; Mai
  • Evangelos Vlachos; F10; Mowry
  • Sidarth Garg; S10; Marculescu
  • Yoongu Kim; F09; Mutlu
  • Eric Chung; S09; Hoe
  • Eric Menedez; F08; Mai
  • Theo Strigkos; S08; Mowry
  • Jangwoo Kim; F07; Falsafi
  • Sebastian Herbert; S07; Marculescu
  • Mike Ferdman; F06; Falsafi
  • Nikos Hardavellas; S06; Falsafi
  • Eriko Nurvitadhi; F05; Hoe
  • Jared Smolens; S05; Hoe
  • Brian Gold; F04; Falsafi
  • Thomas Wenisch; S04; Falsafi
  • Girish Venkataramani; F03; Goldstein
  • Philip Stanley; S03; Marculescu
  • Roland Wunderlich; F02; Hoe
  • Se-Hyun Yang; S02; Falsafi
  • Cycle: Mowry;Mai;Hoe;Mutlu;Marculescu;Franchetti;Lucia;