CALCM Reading Group

The CALCM reading group meets weekly to discuss papers from recent Computer Architecture conferences. Interested students should sign up for specific papers that they would be interested in leading.


Role of group leaders:

  • Introducing the paper (the problem/motivation, basic ideas of the solution, and a very brief overview of results, strengths, weaknesses)
  • Raising questions related to the paper and the problem at hand
  • Identifying some more blue-sky brainstorming topics related to the problem at hand

The leader's job is not to lecture about the paper for an hour, but simply to introduce the paper (in 5-10 minutes) and then lead the discussion, if needed.

If you did not get a chance to attend the first organizational meeting, you can view the slides here (PPT, PDF)

When / Where?

Every Wednesday in HH-1205, 5-6pm
If you have general questions/concerns, please contact the reading group organizers: Michael Papamichael (papamix AT, Eric Chung (
If you are having trouble with login/editing the wiki, please contact Michael Papamichael (papamix AT

Wiki Instructions

  • If you wish to present a paper you need to edit this wiki page and:
  1. Add the paper in the schedule further below
  2. Remove the paper from the list of papers.
  • To add presentation slides edit the wiki and click on the “Add Images and other files” button (it looks like a picture frame). Make sure the uploaded ppt file name matches the place-holder name in the schedule.
  • To add/edit discussion notes just click on the “Notes” link in the schedule and edit the corresponding wiki page.

List of Papers

  • Operating System Support for Overlapping-ISA Heterogeneous Multi-Core Architectures
  • Improving Read Performance of Phase Change Memories via Write Cancellation and Write Pausing
  • Boosting Single-thread Performance in Multi-core Systems through Fine-grain Multi-Threading
  • Simultaneous Speculative Threading: A Novel Pipeline Architecture for Chip Multiprocessors
  • Architecting Phase Change Memory as a Scalable DRAM Alternative TOGETHER WITH
    Scalable High Performance Main Memory System Using Phase-Change Memory Technology
  • Architectural Core Salvaging in a Multi-Core Processor for Hard-Error Tolerance
  • End-to-End Register Data-Flow Continuous Self-Test
  • Online Design Bug Detection: RTL-Level Analysis, Flexible Mechanisms, and Evaluation
  • A Performance-Correctness Explicitly-Decoupled Architecture
  • Coordinated Management of Multiple Interacting Resources in Chip Multiprocessors: A Machine Learning Approach
  • A Low-Radix and Low-Diameter 3D Interconnection Network Design
  • BlueShift: Designing Processors for Timing Speculation from the Ground Up
  • Anomaly-Based Bug Prediction, Isolation, and Validation: An Automated Approach for Software Debugging
  • DRAM errors in the wild: A Large-Scale Field Study

Fall 2010 Schedule

Date Title Leader Material
Sep 20 Cohesion: A Hybrid Memory Model for Accelerators Marek T. Slides
Oct 4 Forwardflow: A scalable core for power-constrained CMPs Chris F. Slides
Oct 18 The ZCache: Decoupling Ways and Associativity Vivek S.
Nov 1 Composing Parallel Software Efficiently with Lithe Yoongu K.
Nov 15 TBD Evangelos V.
Nov 29 TBD Lavanya

others: Rachael, Rachata

Spring 2010 Schedule

Fall 2009 Schedule

Summer 2009 Schedule

Date Title Leader Material
May 5 CALCM Reading Group Organizational Meeting Onur Mutlu Slides, PDF
May 5 DMP: Deterministic Shared Memory Multiprocessing Eric Chung Slides, Notes
May 12 Achieving Predictable Performance Through Better Memory Controller Placement in Many-Core CMPs Yoongu Kim Slides, Notes
May 19 Rigel: An Architecture and Scalable Programming Interface for a 1000-core Accelerator Peter Klemperer Slides, Notes
May 26 Stream Chaining: Exploiting Multiple Levels of Correlation in Data Prefetching Marek Telgarsky Slides, Notes
Jun 02 Scaling the Bandwidth Wall: Challenges in and Avenues for CMP Scaling Marek Telgarsky Slides, Notes
Jun 09 A Case for Bufferless Routing in On-Chip Networks Michael Papamichael Slides, Notes
Jun 16 Architectural Contesting Evangelos Vlachos Slides, Notes
Jun 23 No Reading Group - ISCA trip :) N/A
Jun 30 Power to the people: Leveraging human physiological traits to control microprocessor frequency Siddharth Garg Slides, Notes
Jul 07 ISCA+RAMP Review I Peter K., Eric RAMP Slides, Notes
Jul 14 ISCA Review II Peter K. Slides, Notes
Jul 21 SHARK: Architectural Support for Autonomic Protection Against Stealth by Rootkit Exploits Theo Slides, Notes
Jul 28 Designing and implementing malicious hardware Eric Slides, Notes
Aug 04 Anton, a special-purpose machine for molecular dynamics simulation Kevin C Slides, Notes
Aug 11 Facelift: Hiding and Slowing Down Aging in Multicores Peter F. Klemperer Slides, Notes
Aug 18 No reading group N/A N/A
Aug 25 Benchmarking GPUs to Tune Dense Linear Algebra Wei Yu Slides, Notes

Other information

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