18-765: Digital Systems Testing and Testable Design

Digital systems testing

The course “Digital Systems Testing and Testable Design” (18-765) is one of the ECE Department's core curriculum of graduate-level CAD courses in manufacturing, logic design, circuit layout, and simulation, and is the first-ever course on testing to be offered on-line to remote students. It covers all topics related to the testing of complex digital systems. Enrolled students complete homework and programming assignments, quizzes, utilize academic and industrial CAD tools, and engage in semester-long mini projects that range from implementing test-related CAD tools to developing testing methodologies for state-of-the-art integrated systems.


18-340: Digital Computation

Digital Computation

All modern digital systems contain fast, complex computational circuits. The theory for designing and analyzing the properties of these circuits is presented in “Digital Computation” (18-340), an undergraduate-level course that describes this important class of circuits. This course explores and develops techniques for designing high-performance digital circuits for computation along with methods for evaluating their design attributes that includes power consumption, design and manufacturing cost, timing, and verifiability.