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University: Carnegie Mellon
Name of Sponsoring Professor: Daniel D. Stancil
Department: Electrical and Computer Engineering
Wireless Physical Layer Models for Network Simulators
We have been working on the addition of realistic small-scale fading models (Rayleigh and Ricean) to network simulators. The fading models should have extremely low complexity and must have the appropriate statistical and time-correlational properties.

Ratish J. Punnoose, Pavel V. Nikitin, and Daniel D. Stancil. Efficient Simulation of Ricean Fading within a Packet Simulator Vehicular Technology Conference, Sept 2000.

Additions to the OPNET network simulator to handle Ricean and Rayleigh fading.
This is an implementation of the same ideas in OPNET. The module and documentation are available as a tarred gzip'ed file (riceanopnetmodule.tgz) or as a zip file (riceanopnetmodule.zip). (Bug fix and update on Sep 3, 2003)

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