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Herman Schmit, David Whelihan, Andrew Tsai, Matthew Moe, Benjamin Levine, R. Reed Taylor "PipeRench: A Virtualized Programmable Datapath in 0.18 Micron Technology" in the 2002 IEEE Custom Integrated Circuits Conference (CICC).[PDF].

Srihari Cadambi "Static Profile Driven Optimization of Digital Circuits" Ph.D. Thesis, December 2000, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. [PDF].

Yuan Chou, Pazhani Pillai, Herman Schmit, and John Paul Shen " PipeRench Implementation of the Instruction Path Coprocessor " presented at MICRO '00. [PDF].

Srihari Cadambi, Seth C. Goldstein "Fast and Efficient Place and Route for Pipeline Reconfigurable Architectures" presented at ICCD '00. [PDF].

Benjamin Levine, R. Reed Taylor, Herman Schmit " Implementation of Near Shannon Limit Error-Correcting Codes using Reconfigurable Hardware " presented at FCCM '00. [PDF].

Steven K. Sinha, Peter M. Kamarchik, Seth C. Goldstein "Tunable Fault Tolerance for Runtime Reconfigurable Architectures" presented at FCCM '00. [PDF].

Mihai Budiu, Seth Copen Goldstein, Kip Walker, Majd Sakr "BitValue Inference: Detecting and Exploiting Narrow Bitwidth Computations" to be presented at Europar '00. [PS].

Seth Copen Goldstein, Herman Schmit, Mihai Budiu, Srihari Cadambi, Matt Moe, and Reed Taylor "PipeRench: A Reconfigurable Architecture and Compiler" in IEEE Computer, Vol.33, No. 4, April 2000. Abstract; (contents access with IEEE membership: full article in pdf).

R. Reed Taylor and Seth Copen Goldstein "A High-Performance Flexible Architecture for Cryptography" in CHES 1999. [PDF]

Ronald Laufer, R. Reed Taylor, Herman Schmit "PCI PipeRench and the SwordAPI --- A System for Streaming-based Reconfigurable Computing" in FCCM 1999. [PS][PDF]

Srihari Cadambi, Seth Copen Goldstein "CPR: a Configuration Profiling Tool" in FCCM 1999. [PS]

Seth Copen Goldstein, Herman Schmit, Matthew Moe, Mihai Budiu, Srihari Cadambi, R. Reed Taylor, Ronald Laufer "PipeRench: a Coprocessor for Streaming Multimedia Acceleration" in ISCA 1999. [PS]

Mihai Budiu, Seth Copen Goldstein, "Fast Compilation for Pipelined Reconfigurable Fabrics" in FPGA 1999.[PS]

R. D. (Shawn) Blanton, Seth Copen Goldstein, and Herman Schmit, "Tunable Fault Tolerance via Test and Reconfiguration," to appear in Fault Tolerance Computing Symposium, 1998.[PS][PDF]

Srihari Cadambi, Jeffrey Weener, Seth Copen Goldstein, Herman Schmit, Donald E. Thomas, "Managing Pipeline-Reconfigurable FPGAs," in Proceedings ACM/SIGDA Sixth International Symposium on Field Programmable Gate Arrays, Feb. 1998. [PS][PDF]

Herman Schmit, "Incremental Reconfiguration for Pipelined Applications," in Proceedings of the IEEE Symposium on FPGAs for Custom Computing Machines, pp. 47-55, 1997. [PS][PDF]

Presentations (browsable in HTML)

Managing Pipeline-Reconfigurable FPGAs:  from FPGA 1998. [HTML][PDF]

Reconfigurable Computing: This is Not your Father's x86: from CMU's Advanced MicroArchitecture Seminar Series [HTML][PS][PDF]

Incremental Reconfiguration for Pipelined Applications:  from FCCM 1997. [HTML] [PDF]

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