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Technology Enhanced Hybrid Education Courses FAQs

Will the degree I receive be the same as the MS that the residential students receive?

Yes! Your degree will be the exact same MS in ECE as awarded to any student completing the MS program. You will be able to choose from the same course lists when on campus and will be required to complete the same requirements.

What are the differences between studying via Technology Enhanced courses and being a residential student?

The only difference is that the Technology Enhanced Hybrid Education courses are completed in an online format. As previously mentioned, you will receive the same quality education and the same degree as any student completing the MS program requirements.

Must I take my entire degree through Technology Enhanced courses?

No, your admission only requires that courses in your first semester be completed in this format and while not resident on a Carnegie Mellon campus. However, you may find that as more courses are offered in the technology enhanced format, that you would like to continue taking courses in this format.

How will the Technology Enhanced Hybrid Education courses be offered? By Coursera or in another MOOC format?

No, a customized platform has been created specifically for the ECE courses being offered by Carnegie Mellon. In addition we have very limited admission numbers for the total student population whether residential or through technology enhanced courses so as to maintain a reasonable class size.

Must I take a full course schedule in the first semester?

No, beginning your studies in this manner allows you to sign up for one, two, or more courses as suits your schedule.

Am I able to attend the Silicon Valley campus instead of Pittsburgh after completing the first semester online?

Yes, if you successfully complete your first semester, you will have the choice between the Silicon Valley campus or the Pittsburgh campus in your initial residential semester. Additionally, you can apply to switch campuses while you are completing your MS degree.

Will my colleagues on campus take the technology enhanced courses as well?

Both distance and residential students will enroll in the Technology Enhanced Hybrid courses.

Do I still get access to CMU's library/digital resources?

Yes! You will have access to such resources during the entire time that you are taking courses toward the MS degree.

What about the time difference?

Lectures will be available to be watched on demand, and faculty and/or teaching assistants will be available at various times that will be convenient for students all around the world.

Where can I complete the first semester of study? Can I come to the US?

In your first semester, you can complete the course requirements from anywhere that has internet access. However, we will not provide a student visa for international students to enter the US until their first residential semester.

For international applicants, when will the student visa be issued?

You will receive information regarding the student visa process prior to your first residential semester.

Will I be eligible for CPT in the summer?

Students are eligible to work in the US after completing two semesters at a residential campus (Pittsburgh or Silicon Valley).

Why is the tuition the same as the residential program?

As previously mentioned, you will receive the same education as the residential students. Therefore, tuition is the same (more information can be found here: Technology Enhanced Hybrid Education students will only pay Technology Fees in addition to tuition, and not other fees required for residential students in the first semester.

Is the Technology Enhanced program accredited by ABET?

ABET accreditation only applies to undergraduate engineering programs. Our MS degree in ECE is accredited by Middle States.

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