Undergraduate research projects

ECE strongly believes in coupling the theoretical concepts introduced in the classroom with hands-on experience in laboratories or projects.

Faculty in the department are involved in research that is cutting edge and multidisciplinary, and undergraduate students of all levels of expertise are encouraged to be involved in research projects. Undergraduate research projects provide the student with the opportunity to earn academic credit while participating in the research programs of individual faculty members.

Project Student
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Spring 2014 Projects
LDO Testing and Verification Andrew Mort
Signal Processing in a DIY Microscopy John Wen-Hao Lee
Implementation of a Novel Neurostimulation Strategy Ana Cruz
Cost Benefit Analysis of FACTS Devices Arushi Chawla
DRAM faults Jeremie Kim
Online testing techniques to locate and resolve DRAM faults Jun Su Jang
PicoCTF 2014 Anita Zhang
New Technologies for Medication Dispensing Obawole Idowu
LDO Testing and Verification Chad Cole
Integrated Circuit Testing and Verification James Hart
Facial Geometric Model Yong Joon Kwon
Configurable computing John Greth
Large Dataset Analysis and Processing Techniques Matthew Baron
Test-set Ordering for Maximum Diagnosis Resolution Jaime Kang
Undergraduate Student Instrument Project Edward Nolan
Investigating Articulatory Features with Neural Networks for Low Resource Languages Hernando Vidal

Project administration

Students, submit and manage your research projects online.