Undergraduate Academic Guide: Depth Requirements

Depth Requirements

ECE students must take at least one course (12 units) that has one of the courses used to satisfy the breadth requirement as a prerequisite. In other words, the ECE student must go "two-deep" in at least one of the five principal subject areas. Courses that satisfy this requirement are listed below:

Applied Physics

18-402Applied Electrodynamics12
18-419Semiconductor Device Applications - Optoelectronics and Nanoelectronics12
18-610Fundamentals of Modern CMOS Devices12
18-614Microelectromechanical Systems12
18-615Micro and Nano Systems Fabrication12
18-712Elements of Photonics for Communication Systems12


18-415From Design to the Market for Deep Submicron ICs12
18-421Analog Integrated Circuits I12
18-422Analysis and Design of Digital Circuits12
18-525Integrated Circuit Design Project12
18-622Advanced Digital Integrated Circuit Design12
18-623Analog Integrated Circuit Design12
18-721Advanced Analog Integrated Circuits Design12
18-723RF IC Design and Implementation12

Computer Hardware

18-447Introduction to Computer Architecture12
18-745Rapid Prototyping of Computer Systems12
18-760VLSI CAD: Logic to Layout12
18-765Digital Systems Testing and Testable Design12
18-765PPDigital Systems Testing and Testable Design12

Computer Software

15-313Foundations of Software Engineering12
15-415Database Applications12
15-437Web Applications Development12
15-451Algorithm Design and Analysis12
18-730Introduction to Computer Security12

Signals and Systems

18-474Embedded Control Systems12

Notes for class of 2011 and earlier

Depth courses are listed above, with the following exceptions:

  • 18-348 (Embedded System Engineering) and 18-349 (Embedded Real-Time Systems) may be counted as a depth course.
  • 18-470 (Fundamentals of Control) may be counted as a depth course.
  • 18-496 (Introduction to Biomedical Imaging and Image Analysis) may be counted as a depth course.
  • 18-517, 18-525 , 18-540 , 18-545 , 18-551 , and 18-578 simultaneously satisfies the depth and Capstone Design requirements.