Undergraduate Academic Guide: Appendix C: Curriculum Course Lists

The following course lists are subject to periodic revision by the ECE Faculty. There are a few other non-ECE courses that are needed as either corequisites or prerequisites for some of the following courses.

For more information regarding non-ECE courses, please refer to the Carnegie Mellon Undergraduate Catalog. For more information regarding ECE courses, please refer to Appendix F: List of Courses.

ECE Core and Mathematics

ECE Core
18-100Introduction to Electrical and Computer Engineering12
ECE Mathematics
18-202Mathematical Foundations of Electrical Engineering12

Applied Physics

18-300Fundamentals of Electromagnetics12
18-310Fundamentals of Semiconductor Devices12
18-402Applied Electrodynamics12
18-419Semiconductor Device Applications - Optoelectronics and Nanoelectronics12
18-510Sensor Systems Design12
18-513RF Circuits and Antennas for Wireless Systems12
18-610Fundamentals of Modern CMOS Devices12
18-614Microelectromechanical Systems12
18-615Micro and Nano Systems Fabrication12
18-617Memory Devices and Systems12
18-712Elements of Photonics for Communication Systems12
18-715Physics of Applied Magnetism12
18-716Advanced Applied Magnetism12
18-817Applied Physics: Fundamentals of Semiconductors and Nanostructures12
18-819ASpecial Topics in Applied Physics: Applications of Lithographically12
18-819BSpecial Topics in Applied Physics: Introduction to Solar Arrays: Modeling, Analysis, and Design12
18-819CSpecial Topics in Applied Physics: Micro and Nano Systems Fabrication12
18-819ESpecial Topics in Applies Physics: Neural Technology, Sensing, and Stimulation12
18-819FSpecial topics in Applied Physics: Waves and Applications12
18-819HSpecial Topics in Applied Physics: Physical Sensors, Transducers and Instrumentation12
18-819LSpecial Topics in Applied Physics: Antennas for Wireless Communications12
18-819MSpecial topics in Applied Physics: Ultrasonic Devices and Applications12
18-819SBSpecial Topics in Applied Physics: Introduction to Solar Arrays: Modeling, Analysis, and DesignVariable


18-220Electronic Devices and Analog Circuits12
18-320Microelectronic Circuits12
18-415From Design to the Market for Deep Submicron ICs12
18-421Analog Integrated Circuits I12
18-422Analysis and Design of Digital Circuits12
18-525Integrated Circuit Design Project12
18-622Advanced Digital Integrated Circuit Design12
18-623Analog Integrated Circuit Design12
18-629Special Topics in Circuits: Integrated Microsystems12
18-629ASpecial Topics in Circuits: Integrated Microsystems12
18-629BSpecial Topics in Circuits: Modeling and Design for Reliability – From Technology to Application12
18-721Advanced Analog Integrated Circuits Design12
18-723RF IC Design and Implementation12
18-725Advanced Digital Integrated Circuit Design12
18-729ESpecial Topics in Circuits: IC Technology: 3D System Integration (with VeSFETs)12
18-762Circuit Simulation: Theory and Practice12
18-764Technology Foundations and Roadmap for System on Chip and System in Package Products12
18-769Design for Manufacturability in Nanometer Era12

Computer Hardware

18-213Introduction to Computer Systems12
18-240Structure and Design of Digital Systems12
18-340Digital Computation12
18-341Logic Design and Verification12
18-345Introduction to Telecommunication Networks12
18-348Embedded System Engineering12
18-349Embedded Real-Time Systems12
18-447Introduction to Computer Architecture12
18-540Rapid Prototyping of Computer Systems12
18-545Advanced Digital Design Project12
18-549Embedded Systems Design12
18-640Foundations of Computer Architecture12
18-640GZFoundations of Computer Architecture12
18-646Low-Power System-on-Chip Architecture12
18-667Design of Integrated Embedded Systems12
18-669Special Topics In Cad I: Computing and Biology: Theory and Practice12
18-740Computer Architecture12
18-742Parallel Computer Architecture12
18-743Energy Aware Computing12
18-745Rapid Prototyping of Computer Systems12
18-746Advanced Storage Systems12
18-755Networks in the Real World12
18-759Wireless Networks12
18-760VLSI CAD: Logic to Layout12
18-765Digital Systems Testing and Testable Design12
18-765PPDigital Systems Testing and Testable Design12
18-843Mobile and Pervasive Computing12
18-869ASpecial Topics in CAD: Statistical IC Design12

Computer Software

15-210Parallel and Sequential Data Structures and Algorithms12
15-211Fundamental Data Structures and Algorithms12
15-212Principles of Programming12
15-214Principles of Software Systems Construction12
15-312Foundations of Programming Languages12
15-313Foundations of Software Engineering12
15-381Artificial Intelligence: Representation and Problem Solving9
15-385Computer Vision9
15-410Operating Systems Design and Implementation12
15-411Compiler Design12
15-412Operating System Practicum12
15-415Database Applications12
15-437Web Applications Development12
15-440Distributed Systems12
15-441Computer Networks12
15-451Algorithm Design and Analysis12
15-453Formal Languages, Automata, and Computability9
15-462Computer Graphics12
15-712Advanced Operating Systems and Distributed Systems12
15-721Database System Design and Implementation12
15-744Computer Networks12
15-829Advanced Database Applications12
15-839Mobile and Wireless Communications12
18-411Computational Techniques in Engineering12
18-487Introduction to Computer and Network Security and Applied Cryptography12
18-630Introduction to Security and Policy12
18-631Introduction to Information Security12
18-631BIntroduction to Information Security12
18-635Web Application Security and Performance12
18-636Browser Security12
18-637AWireless Network Security12
18-638Mobile Security12
18-641Java for Smart Phone Development12
18-641RWJava for Smart Phone Development12
18-641SVJava for Smart Phone Development12
18-642Introduction to Software Engineering12
18-642SVIntroduction to Software Engineering12
18-644Mobile Hardware for Software Engineers12
18-644SVMobile Hardware for Software Engineers12
18-648Real-Time Embedded Systems12
18-649Distributed Embedded Systems12
18-713PPOptical Networks12
18-730Introduction to Computer Security12
18-731Network Security12
18-731PPNetwork Security12
18-731SVNetwork Security12
18-732Secure Software Systems12
18-734Foundations of Privacy12
18-734SVFoundations of Privacy12
18-739ASpecial Topics in Security: Foundations of Security and Privacy12
18-739CSpecial Topics in Security: Vulnerability, Defenses, and Malware Analysis12
18-748Wireless Sensor Networks12
18-749Fault-Tolerant Distributed Systems12
18-749PPFault-Tolerant Distributed Systems12
18-756Packet Switching and Computer Networks12
18-756RPacket Switching and Computer Networks12
18-757Network Management and Control12
18-759Wireless Networks12
18-759PPWireless Networks12
18-835PPSpecial Topics in Applied Security12
18-842Distributed Systems12
18-842GDistributed Systems12
18-842PPDistributed Systems12
18-842TDistributed Systems12
18-843Mobile and Pervasive Computing12
18-845Internet Services12
18-848CSpecial Topics in Embedded Systems: Networked Cyber-Physical Systems12
18-848DSpecial Topics in Embedded Systems: Sports Technology12
18-849Dependable Embedded Systems12
18-859KSpecial Topics in Communications: Software-Defined Networking and Network Functions Virtualization12
18-879TUSpecial Topics in Systems and Controls: Stochastic Optimization12

Professional, Policy, and Interdisciplinary Topics

18-390ECE Co-op0
18-482Telecommunications, Technology Policy & Management12
39-405Engineering Design12

Signals and Systems

15-384Robotic Manipulation12
15-780Advanced Artificial Intelligence Concepts12
15-781Machine Learning12
15-882Introduction to Artificial Neural Networks12
15-883Computational Models of Neural Systems12
15-889AI Planning, Execution, and Learning12
16-711Kinematics, Dynamic Systems and Control12
16-720Computer Vision12
16-721Learning-Based Methods in Vision12
16-722Sensing and Sensors12
16-811Mathematical Fundamentals for Robotics12
16-824Learning-based Methods in Vision12
18-290Signals and Systems12
18-370Fundamentals of Control12
18-372Fundamentals in Electric Energy Systems12
18-391Noisy Signal Representation and Processing12
18-450Digital Communications12
18-474Embedded Control Systems12
18-491Fundamentals of Signal Processing12
18-492Special Topics in Speech Processing12
18-496Introduction to Biomedical Imaging and Image Analysis12
18-551Digital Communication and Signal Processing Systems Design12
18-578Mechatronic Design12
18-587Electrical Energy Conversion, Control, and Management12
18-618Smart Grids and Future Electric Energy Systems12
18-650Policies of Wireless Systems and the Internet12
18-690Introduction to Neuroscience for Engineers12
18-697Statistical Discovery and Learning12
18-697SVStatistical Discovery and Learning12
18-698Neural Signal Processing12
18-751Applied Stochastic Processes12
18-751SVApplied Stochastic ProcessesVariable
18-752Estimation, Detection and Identification12
18-752PPEstimation, Detection and Identification12
18-753Information Theory and Coding12
18-754Error Control Coding12
18-756Packet Switching and Computer Networks12
18-756RPacket Switching and Computer Networks12
18-757Network Management and Control12
18-758Wireless Communications12
18-759Wireless Networks12
18-759PPWireless Networks12
18-771Linear Systems12
18-771PPLinear Systems12
18-771SVLinear Systems12
18-776Non Linear Control12
18-777Complex Large-Scale Dynamic Systems12
18-781Speech Recognition and Understanding12
18-781SVSpeech Recognition and Understanding12
18-782PPMachine Learning12
18-790Wavelets and Multiresolution Techniques12
18-791Methods in Medical Imaging Analysis12
18-792Advanced Digital Signal Processing12
18-794Pattern Recognition Theory12
18-795Bioimage Informatics12
18-796PPMultimedia Communications: Coding, Systems, and Networking12
18-797Machine Learning for Signal Processing12
18-798Image, Video, and Multimedia12
18-798PPImage, Video, and Multimedia12
18-799Special Topics in Signal Processing: Advanced Speech LabVariable
18-799DSpecial Topics in Signal Processing: Design Implementation of Speech Recognition Systems12
18-799ESpecial Topics in Signal Processing: Biometric Recognition12
18-799FSpecial Topics in Signal Processing: Algebraic Signal Processing Theory12
18-799HNew Topics in Signal Processing: Network Science: Modeling and Inference12
18-799JSpecial Topics in Signal Processing: Compressive sensing and sparse optimization12
18-799KSpecial Topics in Signal Processing: Cognitive Video12
18-799LSpecial Topics in Signal Processing: Advanced Speech Lab12
18-799MSpecial Topics in Signal Processing: Advanced Machine Learning12
18-799RSpecial Topics in Signal Processing: Large Scale Stochastic Adaptive Systems12
18-799SMSpecial Topics in Signal Processing: Advanced Machine LearningVariable
18-799SXSpecial Topics in Signal Processing: Evolutionary Algorithms in Engineering Optimization12
18-799XSpecial Topics in Signal Processing: Evolutionary Algorithms in Engineering Optimization12
18-859Special Topics in Communications: Communication and Networking12
18-859CSpecial Topics in Communications: Network Management and Control12
18-859HSpecial Topics in Communications: Emerging Topics in Wireless Networks12
18-875Engineering and Economics of Electric Energy Systems12
18-879ASpecial Topics in Systems and Controls: Computer Control Engineering12
18-879CSpecial Topics in Systems and Controls: Optimal Control12
18-879HSpecial Topics in Systems and Control: Advanced Linear Systems and Control12
18-879KSpecial Topics in Systems and Controls: Adaptive Control and Signal Processing12
18-879LSpecial Topics in Systems and Controls: Logical Analysis of Hybrid Systems12
18-879MSpecial Topics in Systems and Control: Optimization in Energy Networks12
18-879NSpecial Topics in Systems and Control: Multi-Agent Systems12
18-879PSpecial Topics in Systems and Control: Engineering and Economics of Electric Power Systems12
18-879QSpecial Topics in Systems and Control: Nonlinear Dynamics, Chaos, and Control: How Systems Really Work12
18-879RSpecial Topics in Systems and Control: Electric Power Systems: Modeling, Analysis, and Control12
18-879SSpecial Topics in Systems and Control: Networked Control Systems12
18-879SCSpecial Topics in Systems and Controls: Optimal Control12
18-879SVSpecial Topics in Systems and Controls: Stochastic Optimization12
18-879TSpecial Topics in Systems and Control: Nonlinear Systems12
18-879USpecial Topics in Systems and Control: Stochastic Optimization12
18-882AA Special Topics in Energy Systems: Power Electronics12
18-882RSpecial Topics in Energy Systems: Microgrids and New Generation Power Systems12
18-899 A1Special Topics in Signal Processing: Applied Time Series Analysis6
18-899A3Special Topics in Signal Processing: Data and Inference (DI)6
18-899A4Special Topics in Signal Processing: Applied Machine Learning (AML)6
18-899B2Special Topics in Signal Processing: Data Science and Risk Management Applications6
18-899 R1Special Topics in Signal Processing: Applied Time Series Analysis6
18-899R3Special Topics in Signal Processing: Data and Inference (DI)Variable
18-899R4Special Topics in Signal Processing: Applied Machine Learning (AML)6

Undergraduate Projects and Special Topics

Visit the undergraduate research page for more information on our undergraduate research program, including instructions on how to submit your proposal online.

18-231Sophomore ProjectsVariable
18-232Sophomore ProjectsVariable
18-331Junior ProjectsVariable
18-332Junior ProjectsVariable
18-431Senior ProjectsVariable
18-432Senior ProjectsVariable
39-500Honors Research ProjectVariable