Brumley and ForAllSecure featured in Four Corners


September 15, 2016

ECE/CyLab’s David Brumley and his cybersecurity startup ForAllSecure were featured in Australian television program Four Corners on August 30. In the episode, entitled “Cyber War,” Four Corners overviews ForAllSecure’s recent Cyber Grand Challenge win at DEF CON 2016. In addition to the team’s win, Brumley discusses the evolving cybersecurity environment. “Obviously, technology is penetrating more and more of our lives,” he says. “My computer is, of course, something I want to protect, but my car is also running a computer. So we look at cyber security from the traditional ‘my laptop’ level—to the personal level, ‘I want to protect my memories’—to really the safety-critical, such as cars, vehicles, and airplanes.” Read More.

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