Lucia wins the 2015 Bell Labs Prize


December 10, 2015

Brandon Lucia won the 2015 Bell Labs Prize for his lab's work on OIC: The Operating System for Intermittent Computing. Lucia and his team developed a new class of intelligent computer systems that use novel hardware and software techniques to operate reliably using intermittent or unreliable power. These systems will enable application developers to create high-reliability applications for intermittent systems that will form an essential part of the Internet of Things, effectively extending the reach of computing, sensing, and communication technology into environments with scarce energy, such as inside the body and in space.

The Bell Labs Prize is a competition for innovators around the globe that aims to recognize work that “changes the game” in information and communication technologies by a factor of 10. The judges included Bob Wilson, a physics Nobel Laureate who discovered microwave background radiation, confirming the existence of the big bang. Other judges were leaders within Bell Labs (including Marcus Weldon, president of Bell Labs), as well as Al Aho, a professor at Columbia, and Emmanuel Abbe, last year's Bell Labs Prize winner.

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Brandon Lucia wins the Bell Labs Prize

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