In memoriam: David Casasent


November 23, 2015

David Casasent, a pioneer in the pattern recognition, image processing and product inspection fields, passed away on November 17. He was 72.

Professor Casasent joined the ECE department in 1969 and retired in 2009. He developed algorithms using morphological processing, computer vision, distortion-invariant filters and neural network techniques for a number of applications including product inspection, automation, robotics, pattern recognition signal processing, advanced computing, artificial intelligence, missile guidance and synthetic aperture radar and IR and visible data. These concepts offered parallelism, high speed, flexibility, a wide variety of achievable operations, and many novel data-processing architectures and algorithms.

He was also developing algorithms, architectures and hierarchical processors that learn new information about an input scene at successive levels of processing are also being developed. His main interest was recognition of multiple objects and clutter in the face of 2-D and 3-D geometrical distortions using multiple advanced sensors. He also worked on hyperspectral product inspection, biometric recognition and verification, hierarchical classifiers, SAR processing for objects classification.

"Dave's service and contributions to ECE Department were extraordinary,” said Vijayakumar Bhagavatula. “In addition to outstanding classroom teaching and developing optical data processing research facilities, he graduated nearly one hundred Ph.D. students under his research guidance and authored or co-authored nearly one thousand publications,  a level of research productivity very rarely seen. Personally, I benefited significantly from his mentorship first as Ph.D. student and later as his colleague. Dave will be missed, but his contributions to the growth and increasing reputation of our Department will last forever."

View his obituary here.

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