ECE/CyLab researchers present at ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security


November 10, 2015

A group of CyLab researchers delivered nine different presentations at the 22nd Annual Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Conference on Computer and Communications Security The flagship annual conference brings together information security researchers, practitioners, developers and users from all over the world to explore cutting-edge ideas and research results. CyLab researchers presented six papers at the main conference, gave two workshop presentations, and one tutorial:

Main Conference Papers:

  • HORNET: High-speed Onion Routing at the Network Layer Chen Chen (ETH Zurich & Carnegie Mellon Univ.[CMU]); Daniele E. Asoni (ETH Zurich); David Barrera (ETH Zurich); George Danezis (Univ. College London); Adrian Perrig (ETH Zurich);
  • Equivalence-based Security for Querying Encrypted Databases: Theory and Application to Privacy Policy Audits
     Omar Chowdhury (Purdue Univ.); Deepak Garg (Max Planck Institute for Software Systems); Limin Jia (CMU); Anupam Datta (CMU)
  • Model Inversion Attacks that Exploit Confidence Information and Basic Countermeasures
     Matt Fredrikson (CMU); Somesh Jha (Univ. of Wisconsin); Thomas Ristenpart (Cornell Tech)
  • Observing and Preventing Leakage in MapReduce
     Olga Ohrimenko (Microsoft Research); Manuel Costa (Microsoft Research); Cédric Fournet (Microsoft Research); Christos Gkantsidis (Microsoft Research); Markulf Kohlweiss (Microsoft Research); Divya Sharma (CMU)
  • Nomad: Mitigating Arbitrary Cloud Side Channels via Provider-Assisted Migration
     Soo-Jin Moon (CMU); Vyas Sekar (CMU); Michael K. Reiter (Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
  • Trusted Display on Untrusted Commodity Platforms
     Miao Yu (CMU); Virgil D. Gligor (CMU); Zongwei Zhou (CMU)

Pre-conference workshops:

  • Supporting Privacy-Conscious App Update Decisions with User Reviews Yuan Tian (CMU), Bin Liu (CMU), Weisi Dai (Google), Blase Ur (CMU), Patrick Tague (CMU), Lorrie Faith Cranor (CMU)
  • The Impact of Timing on the Salience of Smartphone App Privacy Notices Rebecca Balebako (CMU), Florian Schaub (CMU), Idris Adjerid (Notre Dame University), Alessandro Acquisti (CMU), Lorrie Faith Cranor (CMU)

Tutorial presentation:

  • Fraud Detection through Graph-Based User Behavior Modeling Alex Beutel (CMU); Leman Akoglu (Stony Brook University); Christos Faloutsos (CMU)

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