CMU's Electric Energy Systems Group researchers featured at IEEE PES general meeting conference


October 15, 2015

The research work of Carnegie Mellon’s Electric Energy Systems Group (EESG) was recently highlighted at the IEEE Power and Energy Society General Meeting 2015 in Denver, Colorado. EESG members presented ten research articles and gave two invited lectures. ECE and EPP Professor and EESG Director Marija Ilić gave an invited talk entitled “Aligning Contract Designs with Forward Market Signals: The Case of Voltage/Reactive Power Support and its Value.” She also presented her recent research findings at the Best Conference Papers Session on “Integration of Renewable & Intermittent Resources,” giving her talk entitled “Operating Beyond Today’s PV Curves: Challenges and Potential Benefits.”  Prof Ilić also served as an invited speaker at the panel session on “Planning Transmission for Co-optimization with Resource Expansion,” presenting research on "Optimal Voltage Management for Enhancing Electricity Market Efficiency." 

EESG members also presented their accepted papers, including the following:

A paper entitled “Online Bad Data Detection Using Kernel Density Estimation” co-authored by Dr. Yang Weng, former EESG member advised by Professor Marija Ilić, was also presented at the conference.

The EESG’s research programs uniquely build on the university’s strength in interdisciplinary research, including work across the domains of electric power systems, signal processing, control theory, information technology, computer science, and optimization and communication technology. Hence, the future electric energy systems are viewed and studied as physical systems enabled by sensing, computing, communications and control technologies that shape their performance according to well understood and sustainable goals.