Sankaranarayanan gives keynote at CVPR Workshop & wins best paper award


June 22, 2015

ECE assistant professor Aswin Sankaranarayana gave the keynote talk at this year's CVPR Workshop on Computational Cameras and Displays (CCD). The CCD/PROCAMS workshop series serves as an annual gathering place for researchers and practitioners who design, build, and use computational cameras, displays, and projector-camera systems for a wide variety of uses. 

Sankaranarayana and ECE graduate student Jian Wang, along with collaborators from Arizona State, won the best paper award at the workshop.

Keynote abstract

Advancements in compressive sensing have led to an impressive array of theoretical results for sub-Nyquist signal recovery. Unfortunately, these advancements have had incommensurate impact in the development of practical imaging architectures. Sankaranarayana demonstrated how this perceived lack of impact can be traced to mismatch between theoretical assumptions and practical realities of imaging. He also highlighted promising directions that could lead to successful deployment of compressive imaging systems.