ECE alum works on Google's gesture sensing technology


June 5, 2015

The human hand is extremely precise. Applying hand movements to the virtual world would revolutionize how we interact with technology, and it may be in the not-too-distant future. Project Soli, an initiative from Google's Advanced Technology and Projects group, is developing a new interaction sensor using radar technology. The sensor can track sub-millimeter motions at high speed and accuracy. It fits onto a chip, can be produced at scale and built into small devices and everyday objects. 

Emre Karagozler, a 2013 Carnegie Mellon Electrical and Computer Engineering Ph.D. alum, is one of the lead hardware engineers on Project Soli. “Radar has some unique properties when compared to cameras,” said Dr. Karagozler in the introductory video below. “It has very high positional accuracy, which means to can sense the tiniest motions.”

While attending Carnegie Mellon, Emre Karagozler was co-advised by Seth Goldstein and David Ricketts.