Get to know CMU's Silicon Valley campus


June 29, 2015

At its Silicon Valley campus, CMU's College of Engineering integrates the rich heritage and resources of the Pittsburgh campus with the opportunities available in the dynamic Silicon Valley business environment. For more than a decade, CMU-SV has worked with partners in the San Francisco Bay Area to establish a natural extension for the university's acclaimed graduate degree programs, innovative research, and support for entrepreneurs.

The San Francisco Bay Area is the center of the high tech revolution, with a dynamic atmosphere fueling creativity and entrepreneurship. It is a natural fit for Carnegie Mellon University, which chose Silicon Valley as the place to establish its West Coast educational outpost.


The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering offers three degree programs at CMU’s Silicon Valley campus:

MS in Software Engineering
Students looking for careers as software engineers, developers, technical project leads, and software development managers will find a curriculum that reflects the dynamic Silicon Valley software industry, emphasizing key skills for successful software product development as requirements analysis, architectural design, and construction. This degree is exclusively offered in Silicon Valley.

MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering
Students are provided with a thorough background in the fundamentals of electrical or computer engineering, as well as the opportunity for in-depth specialization in some particular aspect of these fields. Upon enrollment in the department, students are given the opportunity, with the help of an academic advisor and faculty mentor, to choose an educational program that is consistent with their backgrounds and is best suited to their own academic goals.

Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering
Through multi-disciplinary, theoretical, and experimental work, the ECE Ph.D. program prepares students to launch careers as leaders the application-driven research and technology development in the rapidly expanding field of mobile computing and communication.

Other degrees include:

MS in Information Technology
The INI Pittsburgh-Silicon Valley Master of Science in Information Technology (MSIT) programs have three offerings: Mobility (MSIT-MOB), Information Security (MSIT-IS) and Software Management (MSIT-SM). These professional graduate degree programs provide students with an advanced, specialized curriculum combining computer science, electrical and computer engineering, software engineering, and information systems and exposes them to topics in business, management, and policy.  The unique combination of rigorous technical topics, practical industry-oriented topics, and real-world project experience empowers students to be the movers and shakers of the tech industry, whether launching a tech start-up, joining an enterprise R&D team, or fighting cyber-crime.

MS in Software Management
The Integrative Innovation Institute offers both full-time and part-time programs that reflect an interdisciplinary approach to software product innovation, entrepreneurship and management.


Mirroring the Pittsburgh campus' research initiatives, faculty and students in Silicon Valley are researching the most important issues in technology and making connections to academia, industry, and innovation. In the past decade, the campus has developed a strong and growing set of research programs related to mobile computing, security, the Internet of Things, machine learning, and software as a service. 

Through many research projects, faculty and students are able to collaborate with corporate sponsors and gain exposure to innovation at the ground level. Regularly scheduled research groups are offered for faculty and students to share ideas, discuss findings, and connect new developments with current projects.


Carnegie Mellon University has powered some of the world's most extraordinary inventions. Due to entrepreneurial spirit of the Bay Area, CMU-SV has fostered many recognizable alumni startups and faculty spinoff companies. The academic programs are designed to support and promote entrepreneurship in a highly collaborative, interdisciplinary environment. A project-based approach to engineering education means students work the same way high-tech companies do — in teams, remotely and in person, drawing on a variety of skills and resources. Faculty have both the teaching expertise to guide new developments and the industry experience to serve as business mentors.

Student Services

CMU-SV welcomes students from many different backgrounds, making it a wonderfully diverse and interesting environment. Many student services are provided on campus, while some services are coordinated through the College of Engineering and other offices at the main campus in Pittsburgh.

For aspiring industry leaders, Carnegie Mellon's campus in Silicon Valley is the perfect place to further technology and management skills and build valuable relationships. CMU-SV students are prepared to meet technological and managerial challenges, to succeed in the 21st century workforce, and to take a proactive part in shaping the future of the software and technology industry.