Meeting of the Minds


May 5, 2015

The Undergraduate Research Symposium, or the "Meeting of the Minds," is a university-wide celebration of undergraduate research. The Meeting of the Minds is a great opportunity for students to share their research with the entire campus community. Researchers can choose to give an oral presentation on their project, design a poster, display their art, or give a live performance. Those with a more competitive streak can also register for one of the Special Competitions and compete for cash prizes. The 2015 Meeting of the Minds will be held Wednesday, May 6, 2015 (reading day during finals). 

The following ECE undergraduate students will be presenting during Meeting of the Minds:

Topic: STREAM: Sensor that reports endocrine activating molecules
Student: Niteesh Sundaram

Topic: Conversion of the consumer level additive manufacturing system for small scale filament winding
Students: Robert Dioso and Theodore Lee

Topic: Engineers without borders - plastic thatch
Student: Alexander Yu

Topic: Optimization of a battery powered car with manometer stopping mechanism
Student: Zhaodong Zheng

Topic: Optimizing a bleach-based clock reaction using mathematical modeling
Students: Neil Jassal and Vishnu Razdan

Topic: 3D model state estimation in a 2D image by Bayesian filtering with first-order partial derivatives
Student: Matthew Sebek

Topic: A computational approach to studying melodic structures in Indian classical music
Student: Anirudh Sridhar

Topic: A light touch
Student: John Lareau

Topic: An algorithm for rendering images that support depth perception from stereo while excluding pictorial gradients: Verification with a stereo microscope at 7.5x magnification
Student: Evaline Ju

Topic: Autograding with Docker containers
Student: Mihir Pandya

Topic: Bicycle collision warnings with shared trajectory tracking
Student: Ian Hartwig

Topic: Chelada - contextually aware personal assistant
Students: Arman Bolat and Bryan Tan

Topic: Constructing Hardware Models of Cell Stimuli-Response Networks
Student: Niteesh Sundaram

Topic: Conversion of a Consumer Level Additive Manufacturing System for Small Scale Filament Winding
Students: Robert Dioso and Theodore Lee

Topic: Cost benefit analysis of FACTS devices
Student: Arushi Chawla

Topic: Digital feedback control for power supply chain
Students: Nishant Pol and Sicong Wang

Topic: Distributed key-value servers using Raspberry Pis
Student: Xiaofan Li

Topic: Efficacy of commercial electronics for space missions
Student: Luke Metro

Topic: Etchy: CNC laser etcher
Students: Matthew Lee and Ryan Oh

Topic: External unit for retinal prosthesis
Student: Meghan Kaffine

Topic: Fighting antibiotic resistance with parallel computing
Student: William Ehrett

Topic: Human echolocation
Students: Spencer Barton, Rudina Morina, and Brandon Perez

Topic: Implementation of structure JTAG via statistical learning in chip on an FPGA
Student: Julian Binder

Topic: Improvements to composite suspension design and load data analysis
Student: Christi Martin

Topic: Integration of conductive material deposition with existing FDM technology
Student: Shepard Emerson

Topic: Modular wheel based electronic enclosure
Students: Edwin Cho and Jaime Chu

Topic: MultiSense
Student: Can Yang

Topic: Neurostimulation using improved focusing of ultrasound
Student: Ana Cruz

Topic: Optimization of aerodynamic dirigible designs for self-deterministic delivery drones
Student: Theodore Lee

Topic: Origami LED Screen
Student: Leanna Pancoast

Topic: Providing new business analytics through geotagged social media data
Student: Dong Hyun Choi

Topic: Punitive damages and deterrent effect of financial regulations
Student: Arushi Chawla

Topic: Quantizer design for continuous-time Sigma-Delta ADC
Student: Andrew Mort

Topic: RoboMouth
Student: David Lu

Topic: Robust physiologically-based speech recognition
Student: Michael Kellman

Topic: Signal processing in microscope construction
Student: Jonh Wen-Hao Lee

Topic: The stand alone braille tutor
Student: Vivek Nair

Topic: Torque vecotring for an RWD independent wheel drive electric vehicle
Student: Shepard Emerson and Omar Skalli

Topic: Utilizing electron beam melting to build mass-optimized, high strength parts for high performance electric vehicles utilizing additive manufacturing specific mass reduction techniques
Student: Theodore Lee

Topic: Cost benefit analysis of FACTS devices
Student: Arushi Chawla

Topic: Digital feedback control for power supply design
Students: Nishant Pol and Sicong Wang

See the full symposium schedule here.