Shawn Blanton is the new Assoc. Director of the SYSU-CMU Joint Institute Engineering


March 26, 2015

Electrical and Computer Engineering professor Shawn Blanton is the new Associate Director of the SYSU-CMU Joint Institute Engineering.

Shawn joined the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering immediately after completing his Ph.D. in computer science and engineering from the University of Michigan in 1995. From 2008-2014 he served as director of the Center for Silicon System Implementation, a group of approximately 18 faculty and 80 Ph.D. students whose research focused on all aspects of integrated system design and manufacture. The lab he founded (the Advanced Chip Testing Laboratory) is specifically focused on the testing and diagnosis of integrated systems, and has various sponsors from governments, consortia and industry. He has also consulted for several companies, including Intel, Motorola, and AT&T Bell Labs, and is the founder of the CMU spinout company TestWorks. On the teaching side, Shawn has instructed and developed several undergraduate and graduate courses over his twenty years at CMU, including the first-ever online course on the topic of chip testing. He has also served as a research adviser for nearly 100 (undergraduate and graduate) students.

Shawn has also been active in the recruitment of minority students for CIT. His activities in this domain includes research overviews given at historically black colleges and universities, participation in the national and regional career fairs of the National Society of Black Engineers from 1996-2015, managing an NSF REU program that specifically targets diverse candidates, and the development of various recruitment tools. In September 2006, he was awarded an Emerald Award for outstanding leadership in recruiting and mentoring minorities for advanced degrees in science and technology.

The SYSU-CMU Joint Institute of Engineering was formally established in November 2012. This joint effort between Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou, China and Carnegie Mellon University is to build a brand new engineering school at SYSU. After over two years of effort, we have established a body of 13 faculty members in various areas of electrical and computer engineering. The first cohort of 30+ dual-degree MS students in electrical and computer engineering were enrolled in Fall 2014. We are continuing our effort in faculty recruiting and mentoring as we are expanding to new disciplinary areas within electrical and computer engineering and strengthening the existing ones.

As the Associate Director, Shawn will significantly strengthen the JIE program by helping with JIE faculty recruiting, mentoring and nurturing, as well as students admission.   

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