Anthony Rowe receives the Dean's Early Career Fellowship


January 26, 2015

This year, the 2015 Dean's Early Career Fellowships have been awarded to four distinguished young faculty for outstanding work in their fields, and ECE/CyLab assistant research professor Anthony Rowe is one of the recipients. The Dean's Early Career Fellowships are awards given to untenured faculty who have received a high level of support during their review for promotion to associate professor. Fellows have been nominated by the heads of their departments and selected for the award by the College of Engineering Review Committee.

Anthony Rowe is being recognized as an expert in the fields of computing and engineering. His research works at the intersection of cyberphysical systems and the Internet of Things, two emerging concepts that are shaping the future of how we interact with our world, and how it interacts with us. The work his lab is doing has potential application in a wide range of areas, from transportation to smart buildings to microgrid technology. Rowe has also proven himself a strong advisor to many undergraduate, M.S. and Ph.D. students.

The Dean's Early Career Fellowship is meant to provide funding to further groundbreaking research. The College of Engineering is proud to grant the fellowship to Anthony Rowe, an outstanding member of the Carnegie Mellon University family.

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