Good luck, graduates!


December 22, 2014

Every December and May we launch a new set of electrical and computer engineers into the world, ready to tackle scientific problems and important societal challenges. This year’s graduates were no different. Whether starting in industry, or applying to Ph.D. programs, we’re confident that our most recent graduating class will go on to do great things. 

To celebrate their newly conferred degrees, the ECE department hosted a Graduation Dinner at Phipps Conservatory where graduates, faculty and staff mingled one last time before saying farewell. It was evident that Carnegie Mellon has made an impact on all those attending. “At CMU, I was able to be part of state-of-the-art research in my field, and took classes taught by some of the best known researchers in the world,” said Anuva Kulkarni (E’14). “Working closely with my professors and peers, and interacting with students in master’s and Ph.D. programs, created an environment where I strove to learn from people around me. All these experiences have helped me develop my technical, communication, and inter-personal skills, and I am confident this will go a long way in my career.”

As a parting gift, all graduates were given copies of "How to Design a World-Class Engineering College: A History of Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University" by Leah Pileggi.

“I am grateful to the ECE Department for organizing this dinner, and for the chance to say farewell to all the people who have made my CMU life memorable - Department Head Jelena Kovačević, Associate Department Head Diana Marculescu, and key administrative personnel including my student advisor Janet Peters, all of whom have always been there to help, every step of the way,” Kulkarni said.

We wish all graduates well in their future endeavors!