Congratulation 2014 ECE award winners!


May 23, 2014

Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Assistant Award -- William Melicher

William was a Spring 2014 teaching assistant for class 18-732 "Secure Software Systems" taught by Professor Lujo Bauer. In his nomination, Professor Bauer said that Billy "was proactive, volunteering to design study guides for students and run recitation sections before tests -- both of which were new additions to this course -- and hold extra office hours and meet with students whenever they needed it. Billy also gave me thoughtful, valuable feedback on the content and pace of lectures, helping to fine-tune the course both this semester and in the future."


Angel Jordan Award -- Kristen Dorsey and Joel Harley

The Angel G. Jordan Award is presented to the graduating ECE doctoral student or students who have combined outstanding Ph.D. thesis work with exceptional service to the ECE or Carnegie Mellon community.

Kristen Dorsey is advised by Professor Gary Fedder. The title of Kristen's thesis is "Dielectric Charging in CMOS MEMS.” During her time in the Ph.D. program, Kristen successfully integrated outstanding academic work with her service to the ECE and CMU community. She served for three years as vice-president and as the ECE Winter Party chair. She was a lead teaching assistant in the ICES Summer Engineering Experience outreach program for 7th and 8th grade girls and volunteered for "Moving 4th into Engineering,” an outreach program for 4th graders. She was a graduate student representative on a university committee to select the architect for the Scott Hall building. Kristen was also highly productive researcher who focused on studying the effects of electrical charging in dielectrics on microelectromechanical systems. She published three conference papers and one journal paper, completed an internship at Intel, and is now in the President's Postdoctoral Program at U.C. Berkeley.

Joel Harley is advised by Professor José M.F. Moura. The title of Joel's thesis is "Data-Driven, Sparsity-Based Matched Field Processing for Structural Health Monitoring.” Joel was vice president, then president, of ECE's graduate student organization. He co-organized an ECE Teaching and Career Seminar, co-organized ECE spring parties, and facilitated many other graduate student activities. He had close to 10 conference papers and several journal papers per year. Of his 39 conference papers, four received best student paper awards. Joel will join the University of Utah as an Assistant Professor this summer.

A 1959 alumnus of Carnegie Institute of Technology, Angel Jordan has made Carnegie Mellon his life's work. His pioneering research and technical leadership helped create one of the first university research laboratories in semiconductor devices.

As an administrator, he was one of the leaders in the transformation of Carnegie Mellon from a local university into a prominent world-class educational and research institution. He championed the formation of the Robotics Institute and was instrumental in attracting the Software Engineering Institute to campus.

Angel Jordan served as head of the EE Department for a decade, beginning in 1969; as dean of the College of Engineering from 1979 to 1983; and as University Provost from 1983 to 1991. He was elected to the National Academy of Engineering in 1986.