Donadee Earns Best Paper Honors


October 8, 2013

ECE Ph.D. student Jonathan Donadee won first prize for Best Paper and Presentation at the North American Power Symposium (NAPS 2013) in Manhattan, Kansas earlier this month. Over 100 students participated in the contest.

The paper is titled "Optimal Energy Storage Operation for Arbitrage and Ancillary Services: The Infinite Horizon Approach." The paper proposes the infinite horizon, average reward, Markov decision problem as a framework for the optimal scheduling of bulk electric grid scale energy storage that performs multiple grid services simultaneously. The advantages of this scheduling approach are that it accounts for the inherent uncertainties of providing ancillary services to the electric gird and that it can be done in an "offline" way. The goal of this work is to maximize the potential value of energy storage resources in the bulk electric power grid. Jonathan is advised by ECE and EPP Professor Marija Ilic.

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