ECE Launches Technology-Enhanced Hybrid Master's Program


March 14, 2013

Technology has enabled a revolution in education, and Carnegie Mellon ECE is responding to that revolution by introducing its new Technology-Enhanced Hybrid Program. The new approach to education allows students to earn their master's degree in ECE without being a residential student for all semesters they're registered in the program. Unlike the department's traditional residential programs, which require students to take courses in person at a Carnegie Mellon campus, the Technology Enhanced Hybrid Program allows master's students to pursue a fully integrated, online experience through courses offered to both residential and remote students in the same degree program, in the same virtual classroom.

ECE is not offering a separate online program. Rather, the new program provides a first-class education that eliminates geographical boundaries by using state-of-the-art technology to allow students from around the world to participate in the same classroom experience. Residential and non-residential students will take part in the course in the same "virtual classroom" with the same access to faculty and teaching assistants. Non-residential students will also spend full semesters at Carnegie Mellon campuses, integrating their technology-enhanced coursework with a bricks-and mortar-campus experience to take advantage of options (such as project opportunities) that aren't yet available exclusively at a distance. The most important aspects of the program are threefold: it will be based on what is best for students in general, residential or not; it will focus on the full spectrum of education and assessment and not just information delivery; and it will be an integrated part of CMU ECE's existing degree program - part of a common educational experience.

Click here to learn more about the program. A PDF of the Department Head's "The Coming (R)evolution in Higher Education is available here, and you can read Carnegie Mellon's official press release here.