Ryan Johnson Wins Prestigious IBM Graduate Fellowship


May 4, 2009

Congratulations to Ryan Johnson who has received an IBM Fellowship for 2009-10. Johnson's research addresses the challenges which multicore computing presents for high-performance database management systems. He currently works on techniques to accelerate transaction processing workloads, which underlie the e-commerce, banking and telecom industries.

IBM's Ph.D. Fellowship Award is an intensely competitive program which honors exceptional Ph.D. students in many academic disciplines and areas of study such as computer science and engineering, electrical and mechanical engineering, physical sciences, mathematical sciences, business sciences, etc.

Focus areas of interest include technology that creates new business value, innovative software, new types of computers, and interdisciplinary projects.

The IBM Ph.D. Fellowships are awarded worldwide and consist of tuition, fees, and a stipend for one nine-month academic year based on the country in which the student is studying. All IBM Ph.D. Fellows are matched with an IBM Mentor according to their technical interests, and are encouraged to participate in an internship while completing their studies.

Headshot of Ryan Johnson