ECE Establishes Joint Talent Program with Shanghai Jiao Tong University & Microsoft Research Asia

 Partnership Includes Undergraduate Student Exchange & Internships

September 6, 2006

The ECE Department has established an undergraduate student exchange program with Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), which will enable Carnegie Mellon students to study in China and SJTU students to come to Carnegie Mellon, for a semester each. As part of the partnership, Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA) in Beijing will offer summer internships to up to ten students, five from each school.

Dexiu Ma, Provost of SJTU, initiated the discussions which led to the joint talent program and facilitated the collaboration between the universities. ECE Department Head Ed Schlesinger and ECE Professor Tsuhan Chen traveled to China to sign the agreement. During their trip, they visited MSRA for a press conference with Chinese media to announce the exchange. Taking part in the press conference along with Professors Chen and Schlesinger were the Managing Director of Microsoft Research Asia, Harry Shum (Ph.D. CS, 1996), and Professor Jinggang He from SJTU.

"SJTU and CMU share a lot of similarities, including having students with strong system building skills and maintaining good connections with industry and government," said Chen. "This program marks the first step in a long-term partnership on globalization for both universities."

Carnegie Mellon offers many other educational opportunities internationally, with campuses in Australia, California and Qatar, and programs in Greece, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan, as well as a long list of University-sponsored exchange programs and departmental cooperative programs.

ECE undergraduates who are interested in learning more or registering for the student exchange may contact Susan Farrington, Director of Alumni and Student Relations in ECE. The program is centered in the ECE Department but will be open to qualified students from other departments and colleges at Carnegie Mellon.

After a press conference in Beijing, from left to right: ECE Professor Tsuhan Chen; ECE Department Head Ed Schlesinger; Harry Shum, Managing Director of MSRA (Ph.D. CS, 1996); and Professor Jinggang He from SJTU.

At the Carnegie Mellon-SJTU student exchange signing ceremony, in the front row, from left to right: from SJTU, Dean Yuan-Fang Zheng and Vice President Quyuan Ye; from ECE, Department Head Ed Schlesinger and Professor Tsuhan Chen.


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