Homecoming Unites ECE Generations


October 31, 2005

During this fall's homecoming weekend, Oct. 27-30, nearly 50 ECE alumni returned to campus to reminisce with old friends, see faculty and staff, and meet new generations of students. The ECE festivities began October 28 in Hamerschlag Hall, where Department Head T.E. (Ed) Schlesinger welcomed alumni and premiered a new slide show on the department's activities.

Alumni then attended the College of Engineering reception (see photos), where flowers, balloons, and booths for every engineering department lined the entranceway. Susan Farrington, the new director of alumni and student relations for ECE, was on hand to greet alumni. With her were faculty, staff, and ECE students, who staffed a table with ECE paraphernalia including polo shirts, pens, and puzzles, and an album of photos displaying engineering machinery from the past, construction snapshots, and other memories from yesteryear.

Inside the Singleton Room, Pradeep Khosla, Engineering Dean, spoke to Carnegie Mellon graduates, recognizing reunion classes that spanned from 1930 to 1990. He recapped this year's news and event headlines, including our successful rankings. Four engineering departments (including ECE) placed in the top 10 in U.S. News and World Report's 2005 survey of "America's Best Colleges."

This year's homecoming student volunteers were from Eta Kappa Nu, the ECE Honor Society (Ernest Chan, K. Elliot Fleming, and Samir Shaw); the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (Bowei Gai, Jay Patel, and Prameet Shah); and Women in ECE (Lauren Chikofsky and Veronica Yusz).

K. Elliot Fleming, a senior in ECE and Computer Science who is earning an integrated M.S./B.S. degree, was this year's undergraduate student speaker. He discussed his experiences as an ECE student at Carnegie Mellon and highlighted what has made his education valuable to him: the ability to work "hands-on" to apply theories and concepts, a flexible curriculum that allowed him to take graduate courses as an undergraduate, and the friendship and teamwork of his classmates.

Later in the evening, Drew Perkins (B.S. 1986) won an alumni merit award at Carnegie Mellon University's alumni awards ceremony. According to Carnegie Mellon Today, "Merit Award winners have excelled in their professions, bringing a degree of progress or becoming distinguished leaders." The publication cited Perkins as a pioneer in the development of Internet technologies and networking standards, noting that he authored the Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP), which is utilized every time a user connects to the Internet.

On Saturday and Sunday, our alumni joined other graduates on campus, celebrating homecoming with campus tours, the Tartan football game, reunion dinners, theater performances, and art exhibits. Among the ECE alumni was Doug Bauman, here for his 25th anniversary. During his visit, he took many beautiful pictures of campus.

Susan Farrington (right), the new director of alumni and student relations for ECE, greets an alumnus during homecoming.

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