Mowry to head Intel Lab


February 3, 2004

Todd Mowry, Associate Professor of CS and ECE, will succeed Mahadev Satyanarayanan as head of Intel Research Pittsburgh, effective this May.

Mowry will bring a new research thrust to the lablet at the intersection of databases, architecture, compilers and operating systems. According to Satyanarayanan, Carnegie Professor of CS; Professor of ECE, in the two short years of its existence, Intel Research Pittsburgh is already making a big impact on a number of areas of research, including personal computing mobility (Internet Suspend/Resume project), wide-area sensing (IrisNet project), and interactive search of complex data (Diamond project).

"The lab now has a rich and vibrant research agenda, extensive collaborations with our faculty and students, many publications in top forums, and impressive working prototypes," he said. "The lab has also contributed to innovation in education at Carnegie Mellon."

In Spring 2003, a new course on "Internet-Scale Sensor Networks: Design and Policy" was jointly created and team-taught by Assistant Professors Srini Seshan and Adrian Perrig and Intel researchers. The projects in this course used Intel Research's experimental prototypes from the Pittsburgh and Berkeley labs.

"We are clearly past the startup phase, and can look forward to continued growth and many more accomplishments in 2004 and beyond," Satyanarayanan said.