Marculescu Published in 3 IEEE Journals; IDF Hosts Her as a Panelist


September 16, 2003

Assistant Professor of ECE Diana Marculescu's article on "Electronic Textiles: A Platform for Pervasive Computing" will appear in the December 2003 Proceedings of the IEEE. Co-authors of the paper from Carnegie Mellon are Radu Marculescu, Assistant Professor of ECE, ECE Department Head Pradeep Khosla, and ECE graduate students Nicholas Zamora and Philip Stanley-Marbell. Other contributors include: Sungmee Park and Sundaresan Jayaraman (Georgia Tech); S. Jung, C. Lauterbach, and W. Weber (Infineon Technologies); T. Kirstein, D. Cottet, J. Grzyb, and G. Troester (Swiss Institute of Technology, Zurich); and M. Jones, T. Martin, and Z. Nakad (Virginia Tech).

The Marculescu's, Park, and Jakyaraman also wrote IEEE Spectrum's October cover story, "Ready To Ware: Electronics and fabrics woven together will make smart dressers of firefighters, football players, and fashionistas alike."

Additionally, the Marculescu's, Khosla, and Stanley-Marbell's piece on "Modeling, analysis, and self-management of electronic textiles" was featured in August in the IEEE Transactions on Computers special issue on Wearable Computers (guest edited by Asim Smailagic, Research Professor).

Diana was also a panelist for the Intel Developer's Forum (IDF) on September 16-18, in San Jose, California. The panel was organized by the IEEE.