Newsweek International Quotes Marculescu On E-textiles' Future


July 7, 2003

Newsweek International's piece on electronic textiles (e-textiles), "Wearing Wires: A New Fabric May Make Clothing Both High Tech and Fashionable," quotes Diana Marculescu, Assistant Professor of ECE, in its June 30/July 7 issue.

Also called interactive textiles (i-textiles), Marculescu predicts the technology has a promising future. According to Newsweek:

"Most tech-textile designers believe it is now only a matter of time before we actually live among what Diana Marculescu, an engineer at Carnegie Mellon University, calls 'intelligent ambient systems.'"

These systems, built inside fabric or added on to apparel, will connect the user to other devices and act self-sufficiently via electronic signals that buzz through the fabric. E-textiles could have applications for day-to-day life in the consumer market, medical, space, and military sectors. One challenge that the technology faces is the limiting the weight of the devices, in conjunction with increasing the amount of memory needed to function.

Marculescu will be an invited lecturer during the first week (July 14-18) of the European Summer School on Embedded Systems (ESSES) in Vasteras, Sweden.

Headshot of Diana Marculescu

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