Color Kinetics' Lighting Donation Spotlights Collaboration Between Engineering and the Arts


April 18, 2003

Color Kinetics Incorporated, the pioneer of intelligent LED-based illumination technologies, announced the donation of advanced LED-based illumination systems to Carnegie Mellon University's School of Drama. The School of Drama will apply the lighting systems to its theatrical Design Program, which studies and applies the use of lighting to enhance productions. This represents Color Kinetics first major gift of its kind to an educational theatrical program and reflects ongoing progress in theatrical applications of LED illumination systems.

"With strong ties to Carnegie Mellon, we're thrilled to contribute intelligent LED illumination technology for design students' hands-on experimentation with light and effects," said ECE alum George Muller, chairman and CEO, Color Kinetics. "Color Kinetics strives to equip the entertainment and theatre industries with unlimited creative potential in the use of light to convey desired moods, and, in extending this capability to the distinguished Carnegie Mellon community, we're pleased to help keep students on the leading edge in production and design."

Color Kinetics was founded in 1997 by ECE alumni George Mueller and Ihor Lys. Today the company employs a number of Carnegie Mellon alumni in the areas of management and engineering.