Khosla Cited in Robotics Article


October 30, 2000

An article in the Lexington Herald Leader titled "Shapes of the Future," talks about Xerox Corporation's Polybot, a modular, shape-shifting robot and quotes the ECE Department's Pradeep K. Khosla.

"Pradeep Khosla, a professor of engineering at Carnegie Mellon University, developed reconfiguring robotic arms more than 10 years ago. Today, Khosla studies the problem of writing software for robots that change shape.

"Back in 1988 there was a notion that robot arms had a very specific architecture, and once you built an arm it stayed that way,'' he said. "What we did at that time was put forth this novel idea, this modular and reconfigurable technology." Yim, who was studying for his doctorate at the time, got hold of the idea, Khosla said. "What he's demonstrating is what we did for robotic arms can be done for mobile robots,'' Khosla said. "

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