Let's listen to each other

Let's listen to each other

Starts at: November 1, 2016 5:00 PM

Ends at: 7:00 PM

Location: HH 1107


A group of students, staff and faculty, would like to invite you to the first in the Let’s listen to each other series. Our aim is to get the ECE community and wider to listen to each other and share personal experiences. We believe that only by understanding and empathizing with each other will we be able to create a community of true thinkers and that by starting this forum, we can bear witness to each other's stories, emotions and experiences that would otherwise get ignored, silenced or forgotten. We encourage a broad range of topics of importance to all of us, such as race relations, gender equality, sexual harassment, issues faced by our LGBTQ community, our people with disabilities, our foreign students, etc. 

For this first event, we will adopt the format from the Why take a knee? event, where five chairs will be up front and four people will start the conversation. As someone from the audience wants to contribute, they are welcome to go sit in the fifth chair at any time as someone from the original four gets up and sits in the audience. Anyone is welcome to contribute and can do so more than once; you don’t have to speak, it’s ok to just come and listen. There will be a room in Silicon Valley (TBD) for people to join.