Distinguished Lecture Series Armand Makowski

ECE Seminar: Distinguished Lecture Series Armand Makowski

Starts at: April 5, 2016 3:30 AM

Location: Hamerschlag Hall 1107

Speaker: Dr. Armand Makowski

Affiliation: Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Joint appointment with The Institute for Systems Research, University of Maryland

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In random graph models, the degree distribution of individual nodes should be contrasted
with the degree distribution of the graph, i.e., the usual fractions of nodes with given
degree. A general framework is introduced to discuss conditions under which these two
degree distributions coincide asymptotically. Somewhat surprisingly, we show that this
assumption may fail to hold, even in strongly homogeneous random networks. This
counterexample can be found in the class of random threshold graphs. An interesting
implication of this finding is that random threshold graphs cannot be used as a substitute for
the Barab\'asi-Albert model, a claim made in the literature