Let's Talk! A one-day career event

Let's Talk! A one-day career event

Starts at: September 27, 2015 12:00 PM

Ends at: 6:00 PM

Location: Gates Hillman Center


The School of Computer Science and Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering present Let's Talk!

Let's Talk! provides a unique opportunity for more individualized meetings with undergraduate students in SCS and ECE.

We  face abundant challenges and recognize the big problems in need of answers. But when you put us all together, we find the best and most far-reaching solutions and the right  people to accomplish the job. SCS & ECE share and connect through the Computer and the critical Engineering involved. So do Companies. We approach the machine and the sciences of computing and hardware from our various and unique perspectives and needs. But our faculty and students work and study across divisions, as computing and engineering have no singular master. Our best ideas come from working together.

We invite companies to join us in our academic homes and to see where we learn, conduct research, explore our fields, and grow as scientists, engineers and individuals.

Let's Talk about careers, getting jobs, your work, our work, job realities

Let's Talk
with our ECE & SCS undergraduate students and see what they are doing

And Let's Talk about the excitement ahead

We look forward to meeting you and, yes, talking!

For additional Information and to register, please contact: lets-talk@cs.cmu.edu, 412.268.8525