Wanted: Research Collaboration, Bio-Signal Processing, Novel Memories, Power Electronics and ….

ECE Seminar: Wanted: Research Collaboration, Bio-Signal Processing, Novel Memories, Power Electronics and ….

Starts at: February 11, 2015 3:00 PM

Ends at: 4:30 PM

Location: Hamerschlag Hall 1107

Speaker: William Stanchina

Affiliation: University of Pittsburgh

Refreshments provided: Yes

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This talk will be the first in a series of technical exchange opportunities between the CMU and PITT ECE Departments. The intent is to introduce researchers from both institutions to each other in order to encourage the possibility for discussion and future collaboration. Thus today’s presentation will include snippets of selected faculty research in different technical areas from PITT along with a quick ECE Department Overview. The following outlines the technical briefs from four PITT faculty members.
Dr. Bill Stanchina (Professor and ECE Chair), will present a quick overview of PITT ECE followed by a high level view of his research in gallium nitride (GaN) power transistors.
Dr. Alexis Kwasinski (R.K. Mellon Faculty Fellow and Assoc. Prof. of ECE) will present an overview of his research focus on power electronic systems, microgrids and power resilience.
Dr. Zhi-Hong Mao’s (William Kepler Whiteford Faculty Fellow and Assoc. Prof. of ECE) research interests include neural control systems, human-in-the-loop control systems, and networked control systems. He’ll briefly describe a recent study in which his team evaluated quantitatively the capabilities of neural control in human-machine interaction in terms of the rate of information exchange between human and machine.
Dr. Yiran Chen (Assoc. Prof. of ECE) will introduce the work of his lab (Evolutionary Intelligence Laboratory, www.ei-lab.org) on emerging nonvolatile memory technologies, e.g., spintronic memory and memristors, and their applications in the memory hierarchy of von Neumann architecture as well as neuromorphic computing platforms.

Bill Stanchina has served as ECE Department Chair and Professor at the University of Pittsburgh since 2005. During that time the ECE Department has undergone a significant transformation in which roughly half of the faculty have joined, and this has been accompanied by a 100% increase in the size of the graduate program along with significant progress in associated research metrics. While our research focus areas all shared in this transformation, the computer engineering area changed significantly in its complexion while the electric power systems area was dramatically re-energized. Prior to joining Pitt, Bill was the Microelectronics Lab Director at HRL Laboratories (Malibu, CA) where he had been for 21 years after having been on the EE faculty at the Univ. of Notre Dame. He is most known for his development of InP based HBT IC technology at HRL. He received his PhD in electrical engineering from the University of Southern California.