Molecular Communication: From Theory to Practice

ECE Seminar: Molecular Communication: From Theory to Practice

Starts at: September 26, 2013 4:00 PM

Ends at: 4:30 PM

Speaker: Andrew Eckford

Affiliation: York University

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Abstract: How can we communicate using molecules? This question may unlock new applications in nanorobotics and medicine, but has only recently attracted attention from communication and information theorists. The answer to the question is surprisingly difficult: not only is the medium unfamiliar to communication engineers; but the mathematical details of the communication environment are complicated. In this talk, we discuss mathematical models for molecular communication, which are both theoretically useful and physically meaningful; we discuss the difficulties of dealing exactly with these models; and we present some simplified scenarios in which information-theoretic capacity can be evaluated.  Finally, we show how to bring these results to practice, presenting new results on a low-cost experimental platform for molecular communication.

Bio: Andrew Eckford is an Associate Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, at York University, Toronto, Canada.  A graduate of the Royal Military College of Canada and the University of Toronto, his research interests include wireless networks, information theory, and molecular communications. He has written numerous papers on the application of information theory to molecular communication, work that has been covered by Technology Review and ACM TechNews.