Real-Time Wireless Sensor Network Platform

Journal & Conference Publications

I. Real-Time Protocols & Scheduling Algorithms

1. Anthony Rowe, Rahul Mangharam and Raj Rajkumar, "RT-Link: A Global Time-Synchronized Link Protocol for Sensor Networks" Elsevier Ad hoc Networks, Special Issue on Energy efficient design in wireless ad hoc and sensor networks, 2007. *Invited Journal Paper*

2. Rahul Mangharam and Raj Rajkumar, “MAX: A Maximal Transmission Concurrency MAC for Wireless Networks with Regular Structure" IEEE Third International Conference on Broadband Communications, Networks and Systems (IEEE BROADNETS), San Jose, CA, October 2006. [PDF] [Slides] [Bib]

3. Anthony Rowe, Rahul Mangharam and Raj Rajkumar, “RT-Link: A Time-Synchronized Link Protocol for Energy Constrained Multi-hop Wireless NetworksThird IEEE International Conference on Sensors, Mesh and Ad Hoc Communications and Networks (IEEE SECON), Reston, VA, September 2006 [PDF] [Slides] [Bib]

*Best Paper Award*

II. Operating Systems &  Platforms for Sensor Networks 

4Anthony Rowe, Rahul Mangharam, Raj Rajkumar, "FireFly: A Time Synchronized Real-Time Sensor Networking Platform," Wireless Ad Hoc Networking: Personal-Area, Local-Area, and the Sensory-Area Networks, CRC Press Book Chapter, November 2006 [PDF]

5. Rahul Mangharam, Anthony Rowe and Raj Rajkumar, "FireFly: A Cross-Layer Platform for Wireless Sensor Networks", Real Time Systems Journal, Special Issue on Real-Time Wireless Sensor Networks. Camera ready submission in progress. 

6. A. Eswaran, A. Rowe and R. Rajkumar, "nano-RK: An Energy-Aware Resource-Centric Operating System for Sensor Networks," IEEE Real-Time Systems Symposium, December 2005. [PDF] Web Page

7. Uwe Maurer, Anthony Rowe, Asim Smailagic, Daniel Siewiorek, "eWatch: A Wearable Sensor and Notification Platform," IEEE Body Sensor Networks Workshop 2006. [PDF], Web Page.

8. Anthony Rowe, Charles Rosenberg, Illah Nourbakhsh, "A Second Generation Low Cost Embedded Color Vision System," Embedded Computer Vision Workshop, CVPR 2005. [PDF], Web Page.

III. Real-Time Sensor Network Applications 

9. Anthony Rowe, Zane Starr and Raj Rajkumar, "Using Micro-Climate Sensing to Enhance RF Localization in Assisted Living Environments" IEEE Systems, Man and Cybernetics, Montreal Canada 2007.

10. Rahul Mangharam, Anthony Rowe and Raj Rajkumar, "Voice over Sensor Networks" 27th IEEE Real-Time Systems Symposium (RTSS), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, December 2006. [PDF

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