T.E. (Ed) Schlesinger

Adjunct Professor – ECE

Research Interests

Memory Intensive Self-Configuring ICs

Professor Schlesinger directs the DARPA Center for Memory Intensive Self-Configuring Integrated Circuits (MISCIC) at Carnegie Mellon University. This Center is focussed on the integration of MEMS probes with ICs to produce reconfigurable circuits. Initial efforts are in the use of phase change materials in vias that can be used to make and break electrical connections in devices such as inductors appropriate for RF circuits.

Opto-Electronic Device Technology

Research efforts being pursued by Professor Schlesinger center on the fabrication and modeling of a wide variety of optical devices. Much of this work is aimed at developing advanced read/write heads for optical and heat assisted data storage systems. Projects are centered on the development and detailed understanding of a variety of nanophotonic devices.

In the News

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  •  T.E. (Ed) Schlesinger

    Carnegie Mellon, 1985

    Research Area

    Applied Physics/Devices


    Semiconductor devices, information storage, optoelectronic systems


    PhD, 1985
    Applied Physics
    California Institute of Technology

    MS, 1982
    Applied Physics
    California Institute of Technology

    BS, 1980
    University of Toronto