Nihar Shah

Assistant Professor – MLDCSD Courtesy Professor – ECE
Department Electrical and Computer Engineering

Research Interests

Nihar's research interests lie in the areas of statistical learning, game theory, and information theory. His current focus is on problems in crowdsourcing and learning from people.

Recent news

• David J. Sakrison Memorial Prize for a "truly outstanding piece of research" at Berkeley EECS, May 2017

• Gave the inaugural "star talk" at ICME, Stanford, April 2017

• Talk at Joint Statistical Meetings (JSM), Jul. 2017

• Invited talk at Asilomar, Nov. 2016

• Talk at LIDS, MIT, Oct. 2016 Invited talk at Allerton, Sept. 2016

• Talk at CMU ML/Stat/ECE joint seminar, Sept. 2016

 Nihar  Shah

Carnegie Mellon, 2017