Marios Savvides

Research Professor – ECE Director – CyLab Biometrics Center
Department Electrical and Computer Engineering
Office B209 Hamerschlag Hall
Telephone (412)-268-1142
Fax (412)-268-6345
Assistant Kelley Conley

Research Interests

Biometric Identification

My research is focused on how to recognize a person based on their biometrics, e.g. their face, iris, fingerprint or palm print. These biometrics offer characteristics unique to each individual. Most of the security systems rely on passwords, swipe cards, and RF ID tags to recognize and grant access to users. However these can easily be lost or stolen, which can lead to intruders gaining access to secure physical and virtual spaces. These problems are overcome if one uses biometrics as a method to authenticate a user's identity. Biometric recognition has many challenges as the appearance of the biometrics can vary at the time of acquisition, e.g. in face recognition, a person's face can appear different due to variations in lighting, change in pose and expression. My research is focused on developing robust algorithms that can handle these type of intra-class variations with different biometric modalities. I am also researching reducing the complexity of these algorithms so that they can be implemented on small form-factor devices such as PDAs and cell-phones.

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  • Hallucinating a face, new software could have ID’d Boston bomber
  •  Marios  Savvides

    Research Area

    Signals and Systems


    Biometric identification, Cyber-Physical Security, Authentication, Pattern recognition


    PhD, 2004
    Electrical and Computer Engineering
    Carnegie Mellon University

    MS, 2000
    Carnegie Mellon University

    BEng, 1997
    Microelectronics Systems Engineering
    University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology