Mahadev Satyanarayanan

Carnegie Professor – CS Courtesy Professor – ECE
Department Electrical and Computer Engineering
Office 8208 Wean Hall
Telephone (412)-268-3743
Fax (412)-268-4136
Assistant Chase Klingensmith

Research Interests

As an experimental computer scientist, Satyanarayanan designs, implements, and evaluates systems. His research interests span mobile computing, pervasive computing and distributed systems (especially distributed file systems). Performance, availability, security, usability and manageability are some of the key attributes that he pays attention to in his work.

One outcome of Satyanarayanan's studies is the Coda File System, which supports disconnected and bandwidth-adaptive operation. Key ideas from Coda have been incorporated by Microsoft into the IntelliMirrorcomponent of Windows. Another outcome is Odyssey, a set of open-source operating system extensions for enabling mobile applications to adapt to variation in critical resources such as bandwidth and energy. Coda and Odyssey are building blocks in Project Aura, a research initiative at Carnegie Mellon to build a distraction-free ubiquitous computing environment. Earlier, Satyanarayanan was a principal architect and implementor of the Andrew File System (AFS), which was commercialized by IBM.

In the News

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