Markus Püschel

Adjunct Professor – ECE
Department Electrical and Computer Engineering
Telephone (412)-268-3804
Fax (412)-268-3890
Assistant Carol Patterson

Research Interests

SPIRAL: Automatic Implementation of DSP Algorithms

Fast changing computer architectures pose a difficult task for developers of high performance software. An important example is the area of DSP (digital signal processing) transforms and algorithms, which are typically used in performance-critical and data-intensive applications. SPIRAL is s system that automatically implements platform-adapted libraries of DSP algorithms by combining methods and knowledge from machine learning, compiler technology, computer architecture, mathematics, and signal processing.

SMART: Signal Processing and Algebra

SMART uses methods from algebra and representation theory to answer fundamental questions of digital signal processing such as the interplay between statistical signal models, signal extensions, boundary conditions, transforms, and their fast algorithms. One application is the automatic derivation of DSP transforms and their fast algorithms.

 Markus  Püschel

Carnegie Mellon, 2000


Fast computing, algorithms, applied mathematics, and signal processing (theory, software, hardware)


PhD, 1998
Computer Science
University of Karlsruhe

MS, 1995
University of Karlsruhe