Jon Peha

Supported – EPP Customers Professor – EPP Courtesy Professor – ECE
Department EPP Customers
Office 129B Baker Hall
Telephone (412)-268-7126

Research Interests

Integrated-Services Networks

Integrated-services networks are emerging that carry diverse traffic types like voice, video, text and images in an integrated and con-sistent manner using packet-switching. The Internet, phone and cable TV networks are all moving in this direction. Professor Peha is developing algorithms to control the flow of traffic through the network such that respective application performance requirements are met, and congestion effects are minimized. He is also developing complementary pricing mechanisms.

Wireless Networks

Wireless networks are becoming increasingly important for both voice applications (e.g., telephony) and data applications (e.g., computer communications). Professor Peha is investigating access protocols through which devices can share spectrum efficiently, and mobility management techniques that allow devices to move while communicating. The related policy issues of spectrum management are also addressed.

Network Modeling

Professor Peha is investigating models to understand network behavior, including models based in chaos theory. He is developing new simulation and analytic tools.

In the News

  • Peha Receives Prestigious Technical Publication Award
  • Peha Appointed Chief Technologist for the FCC
  • Peha Chairs Briefing to Improve Broadband Opportunities for Public Safety Officials
  • Morgan and Peha Give Science Primer to Congress
  • Peha and Sirbu Cited in Washington Technology for Wireless Breakthroughs
  • Peha and Morgan Appointed to IEEE Spectrum Editorial Board
  • External Press

  • Wireless Spectrum for Safety Hits Roadblocks
  • National safety communications network touted
  •  Jon  Peha

    Carnegie Mellon, 1991

    Research Area

    Computer Systems


    Telecommunications, wireless networks, internet, spectrum management, communications for homeland security, electronic commerce, developing countries, universal service, security


    PhD, 1991
    Electrical Engineering
    Stanford University

    MS, 1986
    Electrical Engineering
    Stanford University

    BS, 1984
    Electrical Engineering
    Brown University

    BA, 1984
    Computer Science
    Brown University