Charles P. Neuman

Emeritus Professor – ECE
Department Electrical and Computer Engineering
Telephone (412)-268-2460
Fax (412)-268-2860
Assistant Claire E. Bauerle

Research Interests

Control Engineering and Robotics

Professor Neuman's research interests span control engineering and robotics, revolving around the development of methodologies, as well as reliable and robust software tools to model, simulate and design robust feedback controllers for robotic manipulators.

Computational Robot Dynamics

Current analytical and computational activities include computational robot dynamics (and the symbolic and numeric modeling of robotic manipulators), the comparative computational requirements of robot dynamics formulations, the physical interpretation of robot dynamics, inherently discrete-time robot dynamics modeling (for simulation, trajectory planning and controller design), robot parameter identification, robust dynamic robot control at the joint level, and reliable and robust computation for control engineering applications. Of particular interest is the application of these dynamic modeling and controller design methodologies to wheeled mobile robots.

In the News

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  •      Charles P. Neuman

    Carnegie Mellon, 1969

    Research Area

    Computer Systems


    Control engineering and robotics


    PhD, 1968
    Applied Mathematics
    Harvard University

    SM, 1963
    Harvard University

    BS, 1962
    Electrical Engineering
    Carnegie Mellon University