Yi Luo

Assistant Professor – ECE Affiliated Faculty – DSSC ICES CNXT
Department Electrical and Computer Engineering
Office 249 Roberts Engineering Hall
Telephone (412)-268-5401
Assistant Jacqueline Chraska

Research Interests

In general we are interested in studying physical properties and applications of novel nanoscale systems. Our current research activities are in these directions:

  • Ultrahigh speed electronics and optoelectronics
    • (~100THZ) metal-semiconductor-metal (MSM) heterojunction diodes
    • Multi-THz all-metal-terminal hot-electron-transistor
    • Room temperature IR-FIR detection with MSM rectenna (antenna + diode)
    • Efficient solar/ thermal radiation to electric energy conversion with MSM rectenna
  • Nanostructure polymer photovoltaics
    • CNT-polymer core-shell nanowires for enhanced hole transport in polymeric solar cells
    • Electrochemically grown nano-porous polymer for efficient exciton separation and free carrier collection
  • Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording
    • Nanoscale near-field transducers for effective plasmonic wave focusing and efficient energy delivery to media

 Yi  Luo

Carnegie Mellon, 2005

Research Area

Applied Physics/Devices


Nanoelectronic devices, molecular electronics, nanoscale materials and fabrication techniques


PhD, 2000
Applied Physics
Columbia University

BS, 1987
University of Science and Technology of China