David N. Lambeth

Professor Emeritus – ECE
Department Electrical and Computer Engineering
Office 329 Roberts Engineering Hall
Telephone (412)-268-3674
Fax (412)-268-4916
Website http://www.ece.cmu.edu/~lambeth/

Research Interests

Professor Lambeth's research interests include physical and chemical sensors, transducers, MEMS, instrumentation, magnetism, data storage systems, and the materials, devices and components involved in these areas. His industrial experience and current activities include: thin film physics and materials; sensors, transducers, micro-electro-mechanical systems; magnetism, magnetic and magnetooptic recording components and systems; the mechanical and chemical interactions of the magnetic recording head with the media; electromagnetic actuators; electronic, electrooptic and magnetooptic devices; and novel instrumentation for materials, devices and system characterization.

Professor Lambeth's industrial experience has led him to believe in taking a systems approach toward problems at all levels. Applied researchers must reach out into the future while, at the same time, being cognizant of the complete system requirements. This experience has resulted in Professor Lambeth having developed multiple technologies, which have been employed in various products. He has patented a number of these inventions.

In the News

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  • External Press

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  •  David N. Lambeth

    Carnegie Mellon, 1989

    Research Area

    Device Science and Nanofabrication


    Physical and chemical sensors, transducers, MEMS, magnetism, materials, thin films, data storage and RF devices


    PhD, 1973
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    BS, 1969
    Electrical Engineering
    University of Missouri