Franz Franchetti

Associate Research Professor – ECE Faculty Director of ITS – ECE
Department Electrical and Computer Engineering
Office A312 Hamerschlag Hall
Telephone (412)-268-8297
Fax (412)-268-3890
Assistant Claire E. Bauerle

Research Interests

Dr. Franchetti's research focuses on automatic performance tuning and program generation for emerging parallel platforms, including multicore CPUs, clusters and high-performance systems (HPC), graphics processors (GPUs), field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), and FPGA-acceleration for CPUs. As member of the Spiral research team, his research goal is to enable automatic generation of highly optimized software libraries for important kernel functionality. Moreover, he is investigating the applicability of these techniques across domains: signal- and image processing, numerical linear algebra, communication and compression, and most recently the stability of power grids. In other collaborative research threads Dr. Franchetti is investigating the applicability of domain-specific transformations within standard compilers, and hardware/software co-design based on high-level hardware and algorithm descriptions, as well as the possibility of application-specific logic within memory. Dr. Franchetti is Thrust Leader of the Security Thrust in Carnegie Mellon’s SRC Smart Grid Research Center and co-founder of SpiralGen, a Pittsburgh, PA company commercializing the technology developed in the Spiral project.

In the News

  • Franchetti Awarded 2007 Culture Prize in Science
  • Carnegie Mellon's Collaborative Research is Driving Force Behind Revolutionary New Tool for Writing Software Codes
  • Best Paper Awarded to ECE Faculty Members
  • Research Team Awarded Gordon Bell Prize
  • Computer Generation of Commercial Libraries Becomes a Reality
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  • ECE Group Wins Best Paper at Domain Specific Languages Conference
  • McFarlin Wins Second Best Paper Award
  • Negi Receives Government Stimulus Funds for Power Grid Research
  • Professor Franchetti Receives NVDIA Professor Partnership
  • Franchetti, Voronenko Part of Winning HPC Challenge Team
  • Austrian Consulate Visits Pittsburgh Campus
  • Franz Franchetti to speak at the Hybrid Modeling Languages workshop
  • NIST “Smart Grid in a Room”
  • Franchetti Leads Two DARPA Projects
  • Franchetti and researchers awarded DARPA BRASS project
  • Franchetti Receives Funding To Develop Safer Software Technologies
  • CMU's HACMS project highlighted in 60 Minutes segment
  • Franchetti Receives CIT Dean's Early Career Fellowship
  •  Franz  Franchetti

    Carnegie Mellon, 2005

    Research Area

    Computer Systems


    Automatic performance tuning, digital signal processing transforms, advanced architectures


    MS, 2000
    Vienna University of Technology

    PhD, 2003
    Vienna University of Technology