Art Davidson

Courtesy Employee – ECE
Department Electrical and Computer Engineering
Office 2106 Hamerschlag Hall
Telephone (412)-268-7946
Fax (412)-268-1374

Research Interests

Applied Physics

  • Nonlinear Dynamics, especailly for MEMS systems
  • Flight dynamics of micro air vehicles
  • Quantum mechanics of nanoscale devices, such as nanotube transistors.
  • Dissipation in nanoscale quantum systems
  • I teach 18-879Q, "Nonlinear Dynamics, Chaos, and Control" in the spring.

Management for Engineers

  • The Engineer in the Enterprise: the general relation between business and engineering.
  • Management and Leadership in Engineering and Business.
  • The Wright Brothers as Engineers and Entrepreneurs
  • I teach 39-200 "Business for Engineers" in the fall.

In the News

  • Consortium Connects Universities with Government & Industry
  • Patenting Issues for Engineers Addressed in ECE Seminar
  •  Art Davidson

    Carnegie Mellon, 2000


    Device physics, quantum devices, nonlinear dynamics, MEMS based storage and systems, systems theory or organizations, management and leadership


    PhD, 1976
    Applied Physics
    Harvard University